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Unforgettable Roopkund 8days
Mystery Lake Trek/ or Skeleton Lake

Roopkund a pristine nestled lake situated at 5229mts above sea level,in the district of Chamoli in Garhwal region (State of Uttarakhand), is moderate to trek. This lake has an interesting history and tradition associated with it. Roopkund is located on a famous pilgrimage route and is part of a popular fest held every 12 years called the "Nanda Devi Jat Yatra". The trail is properly constructed till Roopkund and wide enough to walk, which decreases the probability of getting injured though trek is not easy by any standard, You cannot undertake this trek without proper preparation. Preparation must be in the form of jogging and gym, a brisk walk. Being a famous trekking it attracts lots of trekkers, which makes it full of medical facilities. Most of the trek part is on meadow or on the ridge of the mountain which gives the long distance visibility and stunning views of snow clad peaks like Trishul (7122m), Ronti (6078m), Nandaghunti, Chowkhamba, Neelkanth and others. Roopkund is advisable to both type of trekkers (beginner & experienced).

Tour Type Trekking
Tour Route Kathgodam- Loharjung-Didna Village- Ali Bugyal-Ghora Lotani- Bhagwabasa- Roopkund- Bedni Bugyal- Lohajung- Kathgodam
Country India
Activity Sightseeing/High Altitude Trekking
Best Season May,June,September,October
Altitude From 2134mtr to 5229mtr
Activity per day Approximately 4 to 6 hrs of guided tour per day


*Tour Route Kathgodam- Loharjung-Didna Village- Ali Bugyal-Ghora Lotani- Bhagwabasa- Roopkund- Bedni Bugyal- Lohajung- Kathgodam

* Know the mountain culture

*Activity Sightseeing/High Altitude Trekking

*Best Season to trek May, June, September, October, avoiding monsoons and extreme snowfall weather

The most beautiful thing about this trek is variation in scenery. Roopkund is very scenic trek, scenery changes every day there, trek starts with the mixed forest of Oak, Pine (blue and brown both), cypress and rhododendrons tree, as days get changes scenery also changes next day of the trek brings the beauty of lust meadows (Ali and Bedni Bugyal) and then rocky mountain then snow caped mountain and finally on the final day Mystery Lake also called the Skeleton Lake (Roopkund Lake).

Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Pick up from Kathgodam Railway station at 7.00 am. Drive to Lohajung base camp. Apprx arrival time at Lohajung 6-7 pm.

Day 2: Trek starts. Lohajung to Didina. Homestay at Didina. 8 kms, 5hrs.

Day 3: Didina to Bedni Bugyal (via Ali Bugyal). 8 kms, 6-7 hrs

Day 4: Bedni Bugyal to Patar Nachauni. 4 kms, 4 hours

Day 5: Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabhasa 4 kms 4-5 hours

Day 6: Bhagwabhasa to Roopkund to Patar Nachauni. 12 kms, 9-10 hours total

Day 7: PatarNachauni to Lohajung via wan. 12 kms, trek, 11 kms road. 6-7 hrs


Day 1: Pickup from Kathgodam in the morning and reach Lohajung (2300m, 7500ft) which is 240 Km away. The journey may take around 10 hours with a break or two. The road is through the Kumaon region and mostly goes along wide spread valleys of Shivalik Himalaya. We cross Almora and Kausani on our way. From Gwaldam onwards the road enters in the Garhwal administrative region and the road is gradually winding and goes through the conifer forest. The last stretch of the journey from Deval to Lohajung has considerable height gain. Lohajung has one GMVN tourist lodge, one Tourist Rest House and two private hotels. All the major mobile networks have connectivity here. Night stay in Tourist Rest House/Lodge

Day 2: Trek starts from today. After the breakfast we start walking on the almost level ground of the jeep road which goes till the village of Wan After walking for an hour and half on the flat surface we reach Kulling at a distance of 6 Km from Lohajung. From here we take a right turn and descend through the village. Initially it is a narrow concrete lane inside the village and cuts along houses and firming fields till we reach a small stream.  We descend further till we reach the river bed of Neel Ganga. We cross the cemented bridge and start climbing the ridge on the right side. The ascent is a moderately steep one and ends at the village of Didna (~ 2450m, 8000ft). The trail goes through the sub alpine evergreen forest. After climbing around two hours we reach the top of the ridge and see the firming fields wide stretch on the lap of the mountain with scattered houses here and there. Didna and Kuling village host the same set of people while the prior is used for the summer and monsoon while the later for winter. We reach by lunch time and enjoy the hot lunch after finishing the days trek. Total distance is 10 Km and may take around 4 hours. Night stay in the traditional home-stay.

Day 3: Today we start early and trek to Bedni Bugyal (~ 3600m, 12000ft) via beautiful Ali Bugyal (~ 3400m, 11000ft). Ali Bugiyal is on the top of the mountain and can be seen on the backdrop of the village. We will climb this face of the mountain. After starting on the trail which goes out of the village we get a bifurcation. The trail on the right is longer but with gentle gradient and goes through a temporary settlement of the shepherds called Tolpani. The trail on the left is with continuous gradient but shorter. Eventually both the trail leads to Ali Bugiyal. The trails consist of thickly vegetation of Oak, Birch and Rhododendron trees. A trek during the late spring is full of red and pink varieties of Rhododendrons. Once we approach to the top of this mountain face the tree line recedes and the grassy slopes start from here. The climb may take 3 to 4 hours. After ascending this face suddenly a wide vista opens up and we are on one of the most beautiful meadows of Himalaya called Ali Bugiyal. The far stretched green field clearly resembles the default wallpaper of MS XP . As it is a table top, the clouds start to sell in after midday . Misty Bugiyal has its own charm and feeling. We slowly walk on the gentle rolling slopes of the meadow. In summer and especially during monsoon this meadow is full with wildflowers in hues of blue, yellow and white. You can see grazing cattle and horses which will stay here till the end of monsoon. On a clear day one can see the peaks of Trisul and Mrigthuni towering straight. After crossing this Bugiyal we climb a small face and traversing for an hour reach another Bugiyal, our camping ground for the day Bedni. In the afternoon walk around the Bedni Kund and visit the small temple inside the boundary of the Kund. Clear weather will unfold mighty Trishul and Nandaghunti in front. On the other side we can see the panorama of Garhwal Himalaya like Neelkantha, Chowkhamba and others. Total distance is around 12 km and can take 6 to 7 hours. Camp overnight.

Day 4: We trek to Baguabasa (~ 4300m, 14000ft) via Kailuvinayak(~ 4400m, 14400ft) and Patar Nachoni. We start by walking on the Bugiyal and climb for half an hour to take the trail which is coming from Ali Bugiyal. From here onward the road is almost flat till we reach Ghora Lautani. The road splits and we take the trail which goes to the right. Walking an hour on level ground we are at Patar Nachoni. The green fibre huts of the Forest Department is on the left hand side of the trail while the beautiful camping ground is around 200 feet down onthe meadow situated in the right. The area this is surrounded by meadows and occasional mountain tops. The top of the mountain straight ahead is Kailu Vinayak. This is a steep climb and we gain almost 2000 feet within a distance of 2 Km. The ridge goes zigzagging on the gravel. Slow but steadily climb this face without any hurry. The lack of oxygen may result to a headache. Once we reach the top there is small stoned temple of Ganesha with bells clinging to it. The deity is of black stone and thus the place got its name Kailu (Black) – Vinayaka (Ganesha). From this top we get the first view of Roopkund up straight on the lap of the mountain. The view from here is mesmerising with glittering Trishul on right and bell shaped Nandaghunti on left at a stone throwing distance! We gradually go down on the rocky trail for another 1 Km to reach Bagua Basa. This area is famous for Brahmakamal, blooming in the monsoon. As we are at an altitude of 14000 feet so the area is rocky and brown while snow clad mountains towering in front. Camping overnight. Total distance is 8 Km and can take 5/6 hours.

Day 5: We start early in the morning by 5:30 am for Roopkund (~ 4900m, 16000ft). It is a moderate climb to Roopkund for about 4 km but surely the altitude gain tires the body.  Until mid of June the trail is covered with snow. During monsoon to late September snow will be much lesser. The trail is well defined but on snow it is difficult to locate. From Baguabasa camping ground the trail is a traverse first till we reach a place called Chhirianag meaning staircase like a snake. From this point the climb is moderately steep and one final steep climb on rock leads us to a flattened trail. From here we can see the depression ahead which is our destination, Roopkund. We spend some time clicking the photos and offering puja to the smalltemple of Goddess Nanda Devi. Depending upon the weather condition/time and team condition we may decide to attempt Junargali Pass (~ 5100 m, 16700 ft). Without snow in September it will take 30 to 45 min to reach the top. We return on the same trail to Baguabasa. Descend on a steep trail is often tricky comparing to that of ascent. During the return the Green Huts will be in our right side. Further ahead on the left is the rock cave referred as the Baguabasa, meaning the shelter of the Tiger. We continue our return till we reach Patar Nachuni (~ 3800m, 12500ft). A long days trek ends at the lush green camping ground. Total trek distance is around 15 Km and may take 8 to 10 hours depending upon the snow condition.

Day 6: Today is a very short day of walk. From the camping ground a small climb takes us on the main trail. Now we follow the same path back. This feels like a cakewalk after the strenuous day before. We continue our trail back to Ghora Lautani and then to Bedni Bugiyal. Total distance is 5 Km and may take 2 to 3 hours. After a hot lunch roam around Bedni Kund, The temple inside the Kund and click photographs.This day is used for recuperation of the mind and body or else we use it as an additional day fused into the itinerary. If the weather remains bad or due to any unforeseen incident we are not able to try to go to Roopkund earlier day, then we will retry this day for Roopkund and get back to Patar Nachuni. In such case next day we directly descend from Patar Nachuni to Wan.

Day 7: Our final day of trek start from the Bedni camping ground and we stay on the right hand side trail which is different from the route by which we reached Bedni. Now we go down on the Bugiyal while we see the green fibre huts on our right. After going down for a while the road splits. We take the right hand side trail which goes down and slowly we enter into the tree line again. In few places the gradient down is steep and goes through the forest all the way. Avoid taking the shortcuts as it may hurt your knees. After descending for an hour we reach an opening inside the forest and called Gahroli Patal. We continue going down till we reach the river bed of Neel Ganga. From here we climb to reach the top of the Wan Village which is called Ran ka Dhar. Now we enter into the village of Wan and continue to descend. The village is stretched on both sides of the mountain and indeed huge comparing to normal Himalayan villages. Finally we reach the road head and the car waits. Total distance is 12 Km and takes around 5/6 hours. It is around an hour from Wan to Lohajung by car and the road road is bumpy at places. Enjoy the evening at Lohajung while sharing the fresh memories of the trek. Night stay in Tourist rest house/Lodge.

Day 8:  In the morning take the car or bus service to reach Kathgodam. Depending upon service it may take up to 10 hours. The trip ends here. Depart for respective destinations.

The price per person for the Small group Journey is fixed as stated below. Group Discounts of 10% is available for booking of two or more than two person. A group booking of 10 or more people is subjected to a maximum discount with the availability of free trip for one person.  If your group is much larger please contact us to discuss about the discount. There is also the option of private and tailor made journey best suited for you, your family and friends!

Private Journey - Customize the departure dates suitable for you

We understand that some clients want their adventure trek/trip to be a private affair, so that it would enable them to spend some of their memorable moments with their near and dear ones at there own Schedule. Considering this, Trekasur organizes private journeys as well. Please choose your own departure date

Tailor made Journey - personalized itinerary will be tailored to your specifications

You can also use this tour as a base for a tailor-made itinerary. For example, we could add on more time exploring more place in and around Uttrakhand. To discuss your ideas or to get some suggestions from one of our travel consultants, please call for personalised itinerary.


The price per person for the Small group Journey is fixed as stated below. Group Discounts of 10% is available for booking of two or more than two person. A group booking of 10 or more people is subjected to a maximum discount with the availability of free trip for one person.  If your group is much larger please contact us to discuss about the discount. There is also the option of private and tailor made journey best suited for you, your family and friends!

Cost Includes

1. Accommodation. (Guest house, Home stay, Camping)
2. Meals while on trek (Veg.+ Egg)
3. Trek equipments (Sleeping bag, mattress, Kitchen & dinning tent, crampon, utensils, tent)
4. All necessary permits and entry fees.
5. First aid medical kits, stretcher and oxygen cylinder.
6. Mountaineering qualified & professional trek Leader, guide and Support staff.
7. Transport from Kathgodam to Loharjung and return.

Cost does not Include

• Any kind of personal expenses.
• Others expenses not mentioned in the Price Includes section.



All you need to bring for this Tour is simply some comfortable clothes; there is no any requirement of special equipment on the tour. However for your ease, the following gives you the general idea about the personal items you need to manage for the trip. The personal items referred here are optional and depends upon your choice. The most important factor to be considered while choosing the equipments and your Bag-pack, is the time of the year you are travelling.

In the driving tour, we provide the truck to transfers all the heavy items/equipment, however during the Kailash KORA the Yaks or local porters carry the equipments. Personal belongings of the clients which is required at any moment like money, water bottle, camera, suns cream and toilet paper etc. should be carried by yourself. It is therefore advisable that you pack the personal belongings into your daypack.

In a supported trek, heavy items are carried by porters or yaks and personal belongings that you may need for the day like money, water bottle, rain gear, camera, sun cream and toilet paper etc. should be carried by yourself. So you are briefed to pack items in two different bags.


  • 4 seasons Sleeping bag (Optional/we can provide one if you need it but is to be returned after the trek)
  • Daypack 
  • Down Jacket (Optional/we can provide if you need one but is to be returned after the trek)

Upper Body - Head / Ears / Eyes

  • Shade hat or baseball cap - some people drape a bandana down the back of their head and then put a baseball cap on to hold it is place. This can be a flexible alternative while keeping the sun off your ears and neck.
  • Warm wool or synthetic hat that cover your ears.
  • Balaclava - lightweight, thinner variety.
  • Glacier glasses-100% UV protection with side shields and a hard-sided storage case (i.e. Julbo or Cebe). This is to protect your eyes from the stronger rays of the sun due to the thinner atmosphere which can cause a painful condition known as snow blindness. Regular sunglasses are not sufficient. If you wear prescription glasses, speak to your doctor about prescription glacier glasses, perhaps with transitional lenses.
  • Headlamp - Black Diamond and Petzl both make several good ones. Make sure to bring extra batteries and that they are lithium batteries so that they will last in the colder temperatures. These are indispensable for getting around at night, reading, etc. so, don't go cheap here.
  • Some people like ear-muffs; These are optional; a good hat, balaclava, and hooded jacket should really be sufficient, but this is a personal choice for some people (optional).
  • A neck warmer is another piece of gear for extra warmth if you feel you will need it (optional).


  • 1 pair liner gloves, thin wool or synthetic, useful alone on mild days or as a layer inside other gloves / mitts for additional warmth.
  • 1 pair warm gloves (heavier fleece or wool).
  • 1 pair shell gloves or mitts; Gore-Tex is preferred for keeping hands dry.
  • Instant hand warmers are always nice in a pinch, but really shouldn't be necessary on the trek. Bringing appropriate hand protection as recommended above, should be sufficient (optional).

Core Body

  • T-shirts (2).
  • Light and expedition weight thermal tops.
  • Fleece jacket or pullover.
  • Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional).
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket.

Lower Body – Legs

  • 2 pairs nylon hiking shorts - Quick drying type, not cotton!
  • Underwear, stay away from cotton (4).
  • 2 pairs lightweight long underwear - capilene or other synthetic.
  • 1 pair soft shell pants - synthetic, full zip from top and bottom preferable.
  • 2 pairs trekking pants, preferably that zip on/off at the knees so they double as shorts.
  • 1 pair hard shell pants. Waterproof / breathable, Gore-Tex or equivalent is best. Should zip from the top and bottom - this makes it easier to put on over boots without getting undressed should the weather change once you are underway for the day.
  • 1 pair cotton pants (loose jeans/khakis).
  • All clothing should be kept dry using waterproof stuff sacks or large puncture resistant plastic bags.


  • 4 pairs of liner socks, synthetic or capilene.
  • 3 pairs heavy weight socks to be worn over liner socks.
  • 1 pair light weight socks, a good option for the lower / warmer parts of the trail.
  • 1 pair light to medium weight water proof hiking/trekking boots. Ensure a good fit with layered socks and you have worn then before to get used to it (otherwise you will get lots of blister).
  • 1 pair light trekking shoes or sneakers. Good for around the camp/lodges and in Kathmandu.
  • 1 pair hiking gaiters, good for keeping dust and rocks out of your shoes / boots as well as keep your feet dry as necessary (Optional).
  • 1 pair sandals (Optional).

Medicines and First Aid Kits

(Please note our guide will also carry the first aid kit bag during the trek. However we still recommend you to bring your personal first aid kit as well)

  • Extra Strength Excedrin for altitude related headaches.
  • Ibuprofen for general aches and pains.
  • Immodium or Pepto bismol capsules for upset stomach or diarrhea.
  • Diamox (commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide) 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness. Please discuss with us before starting to take this medicine.
  • 1 small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band-aids, some waterproof tape, anti-infection ointments, etc. Your guides will have more extensive medical gear, but you should have the basics for general use.

Miscellaneous, but Important !

  • Passport and extra passport photos (4 copies).
  • Airline ticket (Please make a copy and leave on at our office in KTM just in case if you need to change the date of your).
  • Durable wallet / pouch for travel documents, money & passport.
  • Lip balm. At least SPF 20, 1 sticks. A string taped to the stick is helpful, to hang around your neck and some are now being sold with a cord already attached. Handy as it avoids you from having to stop and look for it.
  • Sunscreen. SPF 40 is recommended and should be relatively new since it loses its' effectiveness over time.
  • Pocket knife or small Swiss Army type.
  • Water purification Iodine tablets or Polar-pure crystals.
  • Toiletry kit. Be sure to include toilet paper stored in a plastic bag, hand wipes, and liquid hand sanitizer, towel, soap, etc.
  • 2 bandanas.


  • 1 pair adjustable trekking poles. Although these are listed as optional, these can be of great assistance to people who may think of themselves and generally clumsy or with bad knees, ankles, etc, especially when going downhill (Optional).
  • Favourite snack foods, no more than 2 pounds (Optional).
  • Paperback books, cards, mp3 player (there are a couple of stops where you could recharge. Avoid players with moving hardware as it may not function. Remember, keep these items light weight (Optional).
  • Binoculars (Optional).
  • 1 light weight point & shoot camera or 1 large SLR. Digital cameras are ok, but you must keep the batteries warm when not in use (Optional).
  • Hydration bladder with drinking tube and tube insulator (Optional).

This list is only a guide. While you are required to bring everything on this list, there are numerous options, brands, and versions of each piece of equipment. Use your experience and the listed features to find the best gear for you.


1. When is the best time to go to Roopkund Trek?

Roopkund is a trek which changes its beauty in post monsoon and pre monsoon. If you love snow and slightly difficult trek then May and June is the best time and if you want to see skeleton and slightly easy trek then Sep, Oct, is the best time.

2. How difficult is the Roopkund trek?

Roopkund trek vary moderate to difficult depends upon snow level. In roopkund trek weather changes in minutes so some time it’s really become difficult trek.

3. How cold does it really get on the Roopkund trek?

In lower camp temperature is not that much big issue but in higher camps you have to dressed yourself in layers. In higher camps during the day time temperature will be above 0 degree and during the night time 0 to -6 degree

4. How long do we walk each day?

Average walking distance is 10- 12 km each day and trekkers mostly in 5-7 hrs. Just enjoy it, don’t be disheartened.

5. Is diamox advisable?

NO, but in case you are having so please consult your doctor because there are lots of MYTH about Diamox.

6. Who will lead and who all will go along with us?

Always trek leads by professional Trek leader who complete Basic and Advance mountaineering course and certified in first-aid course and along with one local guide, cook, helper, and porter and other staff.

7. How big are the groups?

We try to bring together a small group of like minded people to give them a memorable and insightful travel experience, normally we take 15-18 people in one batch including male and female. We need minimum 6 people to run a fix departure but for the customized trip group size doesn’t matter.

8. I am the only girl in trek, is it safe?

Yes definitely, Security of girls is the foremost important for us. We always create friendly environment on trek. All our guides and other support crew are carefully chosen for your trips. They are very honest and reliable, but we would also advise you to take care of your own personal belongings.

9. What thing we need to carry?

Once you made the booking our team will get in touch with you. Also please refer equipment tab for detailed list.

10. I can’t carry my bag can anyone carry it for me?

Yes, But you should intimate 15 days in advance, so that we will arrange the porter or mule accordingly.

11. Which type of shoes should I buy?

Good trekking shoes are the most important part of the trek, so you have to be very careful before buying it. You can go through our Article How to Opt Best Trekking Shoe to get an idea.

12. How many trekkers will be in one tent?

We have four men tents but three people will be accommodating in one tent.

13. What is the level of fitness expected from the participants?

Optimum level of fitness is always required in any trek so that you can enjoy your trek. To get a optimum level of fitness you can go through our article Fitness for the Himalayan Trek.

14. What type of food is served during a trek?

We always serve Indian vegetarian food and eggs during our trek.

15. How to get safe drinking water on the trek?

Himalayan water is consider as a clean and mineral water but for safe side we use boil water and chlorine tablet in our camps, during the trek ask once to trek leader or guide from where to fill water bottles.

16. What type of ground transportation is used on your tours?

we have Bolero, Max or equivalent to that.

17. Doctor will accompany the trek?

No, but our trek leaders are certified in Wilderness first-aid" and be aware of high attitude problems, and we carry whole first-aid kit and necessary medicines with us. Make sure you are medically fit for a trek or take professional advice if you feel you are unable to judge yourself.

18. Do you think I should bring some medicines with me?

Yes, it is always advisable that in any trek carry your own medication weather organizers carrying it or not.

19. Can we change the itinerary?

Depending on the prevailing situation, however the date of trek completion should always coincide with the original itinerary. You should keep in mind that this is an adventure trip into the remotest region, where many unforeseen events may contribute to the need for a change in itinerary. In such cases, we or your trek leader will suggest the best alternative similar to your original itinerary.

20. Can you customize a trip?

Yes, if you would like to travel independently, you are invited to choose any of the trips at your convenient time frame for any number of people. Cost for private trip is fixed on the basis of group size, trek area, duration and trek style.

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13SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Trekking' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active'112
14SELECT `Tour`.`id`, `Tour`.`title`, `Tour`.`title_url`, `Tour`.`tagline`, `Tour`.`shortdetails`, `Tour`.`tourtype`, `Tour`.`tourcountry`, `Tour`.`tourstart`, `Tour`.`tourend`, `Tour`.`tourroute`, `Tour`.`activity`, `Tour`.`activity_per_day`, `Tour`.`bestseason`, `Tour`.`tourstyle`, `Tour`.`difficulty_level`, `Tour`.`groupsize`, `Tour`.`maxseats`, `Tour`.`dayspan`, `Tour`.`cost`, `Tour`.`offeredcost`, `Tour`.`videoframe`, `Tour`.`locationtitle`, `Tour`.`lattitude`, `Tour`.`longitude`, `Tour`.`altitude`, `Tour`.`locationdescription`, `Tour`.`body`, `Tour`.`detailedItinery`, `Tour`.`priceAndDeparture`, `Tour`.`includesAndExcludes`, `Tour`.`equipment`, `Tour`.`faqs`, `Tour`.`highlights`, `Tour`.`extensions`, `Tour`.`author`, `Tour`.`created`, `Tour`.`modified`, `Tour`.`user_id`, `Tour`.`status`, `Tour`.`priority`, `Tour`.`banner`, `Tour`.`liked`, `Tour`.`wished`, `Tour`.`offer` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Expeditions' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active' LIMIT 1111
15SELECT `TourSchedule`.`id`, `TourSchedule`.`tour_id`, `TourSchedule`.`start_date`, `TourSchedule`.`end_date`, `TourSchedule`.`status`, `TourSchedule`.`created`, `TourSchedule`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tour_schedules` AS `TourSchedule` WHERE `TourSchedule`.`tour_id` = (57) 000
16SELECT `UserActivity`.`id`, `UserActivity`.`tour_id`, `UserActivity`.`activity_value`, `UserActivity`.`user_id`, `UserActivity`.`created`, `UserActivity`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`user_activities` AS `UserActivity` WHERE `UserActivity`.`tour_id` = (57) 000
17SELECT `Comment`.`id`, `Comment`.`parent_id`, `Comment`.`foreign_key`, `Comment`.`user_id`, `Comment`.`lft`, `Comment`.`rght`, `Comment`.`model`, `Comment`.`approved`, `Comment`.`title`, `Comment`.`slug`, `Comment`.`body`, `Comment`.`author_name`, `Comment`.`author_url`, `Comment`.`author_email`, `Comment`.`language`, `Comment`.`is_spam`, `Comment`.`comment_type`, `Comment`.`created`, `Comment`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`comments` AS `Comment` WHERE `Comment`.`foreign_key` = (57) 000
18SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Expeditions' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active'110
19SELECT `Tour`.`id`, `Tour`.`title`, `Tour`.`title_url`, `Tour`.`tagline`, `Tour`.`shortdetails`, `Tour`.`tourtype`, `Tour`.`tourcountry`, `Tour`.`tourstart`, `Tour`.`tourend`, `Tour`.`tourroute`, `Tour`.`activity`, `Tour`.`activity_per_day`, `Tour`.`bestseason`, `Tour`.`tourstyle`, `Tour`.`difficulty_level`, `Tour`.`groupsize`, `Tour`.`maxseats`, `Tour`.`dayspan`, `Tour`.`cost`, `Tour`.`offeredcost`, `Tour`.`videoframe`, `Tour`.`locationtitle`, `Tour`.`lattitude`, `Tour`.`longitude`, `Tour`.`altitude`, `Tour`.`locationdescription`, `Tour`.`body`, `Tour`.`detailedItinery`, `Tour`.`priceAndDeparture`, `Tour`.`includesAndExcludes`, `Tour`.`equipment`, `Tour`.`faqs`, `Tour`.`highlights`, `Tour`.`extensions`, `Tour`.`author`, `Tour`.`created`, `Tour`.`modified`, `Tour`.`user_id`, `Tour`.`status`, `Tour`.`priority`, `Tour`.`banner`, `Tour`.`liked`, `Tour`.`wished`, `Tour`.`offer` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Climbing' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active' LIMIT 10014
20SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Climbing' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active'110
21SELECT `Tour`.`id`, `Tour`.`title`, `Tour`.`title_url`, `Tour`.`tagline`, `Tour`.`shortdetails`, `Tour`.`tourtype`, `Tour`.`tourcountry`, `Tour`.`tourstart`, `Tour`.`tourend`, `Tour`.`tourroute`, `Tour`.`activity`, `Tour`.`activity_per_day`, `Tour`.`bestseason`, `Tour`.`tourstyle`, `Tour`.`difficulty_level`, `Tour`.`groupsize`, `Tour`.`maxseats`, `Tour`.`dayspan`, `Tour`.`cost`, `Tour`.`offeredcost`, `Tour`.`videoframe`, `Tour`.`locationtitle`, `Tour`.`lattitude`, `Tour`.`longitude`, `Tour`.`altitude`, `Tour`.`locationdescription`, `Tour`.`body`, `Tour`.`detailedItinery`, `Tour`.`priceAndDeparture`, `Tour`.`includesAndExcludes`, `Tour`.`equipment`, `Tour`.`faqs`, `Tour`.`highlights`, `Tour`.`extensions`, `Tour`.`author`, `Tour`.`created`, `Tour`.`modified`, `Tour`.`user_id`, `Tour`.`status`, `Tour`.`priority`, `Tour`.`banner`, `Tour`.`liked`, `Tour`.`wished`, `Tour`.`offer` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Trips' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active' LIMIT 1001
22SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Trips' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active'110
23SELECT `Tour`.`id`, `Tour`.`title`, `Tour`.`title_url`, `Tour`.`tagline`, `Tour`.`shortdetails`, `Tour`.`tourtype`, `Tour`.`tourcountry`, `Tour`.`tourstart`, `Tour`.`tourend`, `Tour`.`tourroute`, `Tour`.`activity`, `Tour`.`activity_per_day`, `Tour`.`bestseason`, `Tour`.`tourstyle`, `Tour`.`difficulty_level`, `Tour`.`groupsize`, `Tour`.`maxseats`, `Tour`.`dayspan`, `Tour`.`cost`, `Tour`.`offeredcost`, `Tour`.`videoframe`, `Tour`.`locationtitle`, `Tour`.`lattitude`, `Tour`.`longitude`, `Tour`.`altitude`, `Tour`.`locationdescription`, `Tour`.`body`, `Tour`.`detailedItinery`, `Tour`.`priceAndDeparture`, `Tour`.`includesAndExcludes`, `Tour`.`equipment`, `Tour`.`faqs`, `Tour`.`highlights`, `Tour`.`extensions`, `Tour`.`author`, `Tour`.`created`, `Tour`.`modified`, `Tour`.`user_id`, `Tour`.`status`, `Tour`.`priority`, `Tour`.`banner`, `Tour`.`liked`, `Tour`.`wished`, `Tour`.`offer` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Adventure for Women' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active' LIMIT 1110
24SELECT `TourSchedule`.`id`, `TourSchedule`.`tour_id`, `TourSchedule`.`start_date`, `TourSchedule`.`end_date`, `TourSchedule`.`status`, `TourSchedule`.`created`, `TourSchedule`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tour_schedules` AS `TourSchedule` WHERE `TourSchedule`.`tour_id` = (74) 770
25SELECT `UserActivity`.`id`, `UserActivity`.`tour_id`, `UserActivity`.`activity_value`, `UserActivity`.`user_id`, `UserActivity`.`created`, `UserActivity`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`user_activities` AS `UserActivity` WHERE `UserActivity`.`tour_id` = (74) 000
26SELECT `Comment`.`id`, `Comment`.`parent_id`, `Comment`.`foreign_key`, `Comment`.`user_id`, `Comment`.`lft`, `Comment`.`rght`, `Comment`.`model`, `Comment`.`approved`, `Comment`.`title`, `Comment`.`slug`, `Comment`.`body`, `Comment`.`author_name`, `Comment`.`author_url`, `Comment`.`author_email`, `Comment`.`language`, `Comment`.`is_spam`, `Comment`.`comment_type`, `Comment`.`created`, `Comment`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`comments` AS `Comment` WHERE `Comment`.`foreign_key` = (74) 000
27SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Adventure for Women' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active'110
28SELECT `Seo`.`meta` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`seos` AS `Seo` WHERE `Seo`.`id` = 'trekasur' LIMIT 1110
29SELECT `Tour`.`id`, `Tour`.`title`, `Tour`.`title_url`, `Tour`.`tagline`, `Tour`.`shortdetails`, `Tour`.`tourtype`, `Tour`.`tourcountry`, `Tour`.`tourstart`, `Tour`.`tourend`, `Tour`.`tourroute`, `Tour`.`activity`, `Tour`.`activity_per_day`, `Tour`.`bestseason`, `Tour`.`tourstyle`, `Tour`.`difficulty_level`, `Tour`.`groupsize`, `Tour`.`maxseats`, `Tour`.`dayspan`, `Tour`.`cost`, `Tour`.`offeredcost`, `Tour`.`videoframe`, `Tour`.`locationtitle`, `Tour`.`lattitude`, `Tour`.`longitude`, `Tour`.`altitude`, `Tour`.`locationdescription`, `Tour`.`body`, `Tour`.`detailedItinery`, `Tour`.`priceAndDeparture`, `Tour`.`includesAndExcludes`, `Tour`.`equipment`, `Tour`.`faqs`, `Tour`.`highlights`, `Tour`.`extensions`, `Tour`.`author`, `Tour`.`created`, `Tour`.`modified`, `Tour`.`user_id`, `Tour`.`status`, `Tour`.`priority`, `Tour`.`banner`, `Tour`.`liked`, `Tour`.`wished`, `Tour`.`offer` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE `Tour`.`status` = 'active' AND `Tour`.`title_url` = 'roopkund-trek-8days' LIMIT 1111
30SELECT `TourSchedule`.`id`, `TourSchedule`.`tour_id`, `TourSchedule`.`start_date`, `TourSchedule`.`end_date`, `TourSchedule`.`status`, `TourSchedule`.`created`, `TourSchedule`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tour_schedules` AS `TourSchedule` WHERE `TourSchedule`.`tour_id` = (67) 14140
31SELECT `UserActivity`.`id`, `UserActivity`.`tour_id`, `UserActivity`.`activity_value`, `UserActivity`.`user_id`, `UserActivity`.`created`, `UserActivity`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`user_activities` AS `UserActivity` WHERE `UserActivity`.`tour_id` = (67) 000
32SELECT `Comment`.`id`, `Comment`.`parent_id`, `Comment`.`foreign_key`, `Comment`.`user_id`, `Comment`.`lft`, `Comment`.`rght`, `Comment`.`model`, `Comment`.`approved`, `Comment`.`title`, `Comment`.`slug`, `Comment`.`body`, `Comment`.`author_name`, `Comment`.`author_url`, `Comment`.`author_email`, `Comment`.`language`, `Comment`.`is_spam`, `Comment`.`comment_type`, `Comment`.`created`, `Comment`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`comments` AS `Comment` WHERE `Comment`.`foreign_key` = (67) 000
33SELECT `Tour`.`id`, `Tour`.`title`, `Tour`.`title_url`, `Tour`.`tagline`, `Tour`.`shortdetails`, `Tour`.`tourtype`, `Tour`.`tourcountry`, `Tour`.`tourstart`, `Tour`.`tourend`, `Tour`.`tourroute`, `Tour`.`activity`, `Tour`.`activity_per_day`, `Tour`.`bestseason`, `Tour`.`tourstyle`, `Tour`.`difficulty_level`, `Tour`.`groupsize`, `Tour`.`maxseats`, `Tour`.`dayspan`, `Tour`.`cost`, `Tour`.`offeredcost`, `Tour`.`videoframe`, `Tour`.`locationtitle`, `Tour`.`lattitude`, `Tour`.`longitude`, `Tour`.`altitude`, `Tour`.`locationdescription`, `Tour`.`body`, `Tour`.`detailedItinery`, `Tour`.`priceAndDeparture`, `Tour`.`includesAndExcludes`, `Tour`.`equipment`, `Tour`.`faqs`, `Tour`.`highlights`, `Tour`.`extensions`, `Tour`.`author`, `Tour`.`created`, `Tour`.`modified`, `Tour`.`user_id`, `Tour`.`status`, `Tour`.`priority`, `Tour`.`banner`, `Tour`.`liked`, `Tour`.`wished`, `Tour`.`offer` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` WHERE NOT (`Tour`.`id` = 67) AND `Tour`.`tourstyle` = 'Trekking' AND `Tour`.`tourcountry` = 'India' AND `Tour`.`status` = 'active' LIMIT 3331
34SELECT `TourSchedule`.`id`, `TourSchedule`.`tour_id`, `TourSchedule`.`start_date`, `TourSchedule`.`end_date`, `TourSchedule`.`status`, `TourSchedule`.`created`, `TourSchedule`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`tour_schedules` AS `TourSchedule` WHERE `TourSchedule`.`tour_id` IN (60, 66, 69) 990
35SELECT `UserActivity`.`id`, `UserActivity`.`tour_id`, `UserActivity`.`activity_value`, `UserActivity`.`user_id`, `UserActivity`.`created`, `UserActivity`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`user_activities` AS `UserActivity` WHERE `UserActivity`.`tour_id` IN (60, 66, 69) 000
36SELECT `Comment`.`id`, `Comment`.`parent_id`, `Comment`.`foreign_key`, `Comment`.`user_id`, `Comment`.`lft`, `Comment`.`rght`, `Comment`.`model`, `Comment`.`approved`, `Comment`.`title`, `Comment`.`slug`, `Comment`.`body`, `Comment`.`author_name`, `Comment`.`author_url`, `Comment`.`author_email`, `Comment`.`language`, `Comment`.`is_spam`, `Comment`.`comment_type`, `Comment`.`created`, `Comment`.`modified` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`comments` AS `Comment` WHERE `Comment`.`foreign_key` IN (60, 66, 69) 000
37SELECT `Comment`.`author_email`, `Comment`.`author_name`, `Comment`.`author_url`, `Comment`.`id`, `Comment`.`user_id`, `Comment`.`foreign_key`, `Comment`.`parent_id`, `Comment`.`approved`, `Comment`.`title`, `Comment`.`body`, `Comment`.`slug`, `Comment`.`created`, `Tour`.`id`, `UserModel`.`id`, `UserModel`.`username`, `UserModel`.`slug` FROM `trekasur_db1`.`comments` AS `Comment` LEFT JOIN `trekasur_db1`.`tours` AS `Tour` ON (`Comment`.`foreign_key` = `Tour`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `trekasur_db1`.`users` AS `UserModel` ON (`Comment`.`user_id` = `UserModel`.`id`) WHERE `Comment`.`approved` = 1 AND `Tour`.`id` = 67 AND `Comment`.`model` = 'Tour' AND `Comment`.`is_spam` IN ('clean', 'ham') ORDER BY `Comment`.`parent_id` asc, `Comment`.`created` asc000